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Corporate Governance


Solvang attaches importance to good corporate governance. There is a good relationship between the owners, Board and management, and all three parties have a desire and a stated goal to comply with any significant requirements stipulated by the Corporate Governance Code.

6.1 General
Solvang shall conduct operations that are commercially sound and beneficial to the owners, employees, customers and suppliers. The operations shall be conducted in accordance with clear ethical guidelines and with a focus on the impact on the environment and society as a whole.

6.2 Operations
The operations are described in the company’s articles of association as being shipping, shipowning operations and real estate. The company is currently concentrating entirely on shipowning operations and shipping.

6.3 Company capital and dividends
Shipping is a cyclical industry that requires the company to be adequately capitalised with regard to equity and liquidity. This is reflected in the company’s balance sheet structure. The company aims to have a stable and predictable dividend policy. This means that the dividends shall reflect the profit for the year, but dividends have also been paid during years with less earnings. In recent years dividends have been based on striking a balance between these two considerations. It is proposed a divided of NOK 0,50 per share for 2012.
6.4 Equal treatment of shareholders and transactions with related parties

The Company has only one class of share, with the same voting right for all shares. Transactions with related parties take place in accordance with the guidelines set by the code.
The group’s main broker for sale and purchase is Inge Steensland AS. Parallel investments are also made with other companies within the Steensland Group. All transactions are carried out on market terms.

The Board of Directors has been granted a power of attorney by the General Meeting to increase the share capital by a maximum of 4 million shares. This power of attorney is valid for 18 months and has not yet been utilised.

In recent years, the Board has also had the power of attorney to purchase the company’s own shares up to a maximum of 10% of the company’s share capital. As of today, the company owns 319,978 treasury shares, approximately 1.3% of the share capital.

6.5 Free negotiability
The shares are freely negotiable, and Board approval is not required for the acquisition of shares.