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5.1 Organisation
Both at sea and onshore, the company’s primary focus is to ensure continuity on the personnel side. The company strives to establish an interesting and attractive workplace that attracts competent employees, where appraisals and employee surveys are key measures. We believe that we have succeeded in this context and that we have a stable and highly –qualified workforce.

Of the company’s office staff, 41% are women and 59% are men. Women and men have equal opportunities to qualify for all types of jobs and positions, and they have equal opportunities for promotion. Working conditions are deemed to be good. Salaries reflect the individual’s qualifications, regardless of gender.

Solvang is an international company with employees from a number of countries and cultures in addition to Norway. This recruitment policy is important for the future development of the company. The company wants to attract competent employees, regardless of religion, gender, race or sexual orientation.

The company engages in research and development work to optimise the ships’ operations and to reduce emissions.

5.2 Health
The group has 39 onshore employees and around 400 sailing personnel. Working conditions on shore and on the ships are considered to be good. Sick leave on board the ships are 0.0,51%. The group had one injury that resulted in a short sick leave incident in 2012. This is a good result, and can be attributes to a conscious attention on this area across the entire group.

Sick leave among the onshore employees was 5,73% in 2011. Of this percentage, 3,4% were on long-term sick leave and 0.84% were self-certified. There were no incidents resulting in personal injury at the office in 2012.
5.3 Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of two women and three men. There is a healthy and positive working relationship between the management and Board of Directors.

5.4 Compensation policy
By offering a complete range of jobs, salaries and other benefits, Solvang aims to be an attractive employer for skilled individuals in all relevant disciplines.

All of Solvang’s employees, including the Managing Director, are employed at a fixed salary with no fixed bonus or option elements. Salaries are adjusted once a year. The Managing Director’s salary is evaluated correspondingly by the Board once a year. The company has a pension scheme that covers around 66% of the employees’ salary with full entitlement based on 30 years of service and a retirement age of 67 for employees who started with the company before 31 December 2010. Persons who were employed after this date are offered a defined contribution scheme. In addition, the company has an ordinary insurance scheme covering disability, accidents and death.

The Board is remunerated by fixed directors’ fees that are determined annually by the General Meeting. Board members have no bonus or options agreements with the company.